Steel Plate / Sheet

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Steel plate cut to size, contact us for price. .55mm upto 50mm
The website isn't smart enough to work out the price, please contact us for a price on any size ..
$0.00 +GST
2mm half sheet 1220x1200
$56.52 +GST
2mm Steel full sheet 1220 x 2400mm
$95.65 +GST
3mm half sheet 1220x1200
$69.57 +GST
3mm Steel Plate full sheet 1.2M X2.4M
$126.09 +GST
3mm Steel plate full sheet 1.5M x 3.6M
$243.48 +GST
3mm Chequer plate half sheet
$78.26 +GST
3mm Chequer plate Full sheet
$130.43 +GST
5mm  plate 1.5M x 3.6M
$405.22 +GST